New soft luggage from Givi

Dayglo GiviThe enthusiasm for soft bags is growing. Whether the same is true for high-viz products remains to be seen, but GIVI think they’re on to something with the new WP405 range of panniers which contain ‘dayglo’ panels.

They’ve each got 25-litres capacity and are made of 100% waterproof materials with reflective material on the sides and ends, to ensure increased visibility at night as well as during the day.

These saddlebags offer the guarantee of complete waterproofing, being manufactured in PVC 500D Taurpalin, with bonded stitchless seams and a roll down closing system. The nature of the materials also means that they are incredibly light, so will certainly work well on smaller bikes.

GIVI has also equipped these bags with elastic fasteners, so the roll down system is firmly closed. For carrying off the bike they each include a carrying handle, but you could throw them over your shoulder with the adjustable elastic straps that permit the freedom to mount them to any kind of bike.

Perhaps the only downside is that there is nowhere to put your stickers!

The WP405 bags are sold at a price of £110.34.