new universal mount for ‘devices’

Oxford Products are renowned for developing products that are innovative, robust and frankly great value and they’ve just done it again with their CLIQR range of device mounts. Gone are the days of having to fit a bulky GPS system to your bike while your phone remained in your pocket as now of course smartphones do everything. Oxford’s new system is discreet and couldn’t be easier to use.
CLIQR uses a dual locking, fail-safe mechanism to mount almost any device in the most convenient position for you. Interestingly when I had a tour of their Witney premises last year, this was one of the products that I saw in the development stage so it hasn’t taken long to get it into production.

To operate, simply stick the CLIQR Device Adaptor onto the back of your electronic device and you can attach it to the mount in the orientation that suits you and your bike. Apart from letting your phone be your route guide, it also means you’ve got a ready camera just there to grab when you want to capture that waterfall, or wildebeest…
The basic item is only £24.99 and is secured using cable-ties, making it incredibly adaptable. Then there’s the handlebar-specific mount which suits 22mm ‘bars and bolts into place and retails for £29.99.
However, on the horizon are adjustable action camera mounts, a headstock-specific mount, mirror mount and a ball mount for complete adjustment. And because it’s Oxford you can get extra device adaptors for just £4.99.