Nishua Carbon Enduro helmet review

Oh my word this helmet is light. Weighing in at 1040g, and just 100g more with all the accessories attached, this Carbon Enduro helmet from Nishua, is the lightest lid I’ve ever ridden in. From who? I hear you ask. Nishua.

Nishua Carbon Enduro helmet review by Paddy Tyson

New to the UK, Nishua is actually one of the brands owned by the oldest, and certainly the most successful European mail-order motorcycling retailers, Louis. Founded in Hamburg in 1938 as a motorbike shop, Louis started importing British bikes straight after the war and then led the way by importing bikes from the far east in the 1960s. They launched their first mail-order catalogue in 1964 and have continued to grow since, opening retail stores across Europe (currently 85) and most recently moving into the UK. This may well be a very astute move, given that no-one yet knows how trade with the EU will be impacted by Brexit.

My first Louis product was a drybag that I was given by a German friend back in ’92. I used it continually on various continents, until it was stolen in 2005, and it was as waterproof then as it had been at the start. It seems that almost 50% of their business comes from personal recommendation and with a superb customer service policy – like money back within 2 years on an unused product, free returns system and repairs even on obvious wear and tear items – that’s not surprising.

And now it seems I’m personally recommending this Nishua lid, so let’s start with that exceptionally light weight, which is attained by the carbon fibre shell and the use of titanium for the strap buckle. Extra weight is added if you wish to use the optional peak, but you can operate without it, and without the visor if you wish. There are side covers for use when you take the peak off, as it acts as part of the visor retaining system.

The visor itself is easy to remove (as I did to fit the included pinlock) and it’s exceptionally wide, providing a very good field of vision despite the dirt-bike shape of the chin piece. There’s a generous tab with which to open the visor when on the move. The vent on the forehead is easier to reach when the peak isn’t in place admittedly, but its operation is simple. The airflow this top vent provides belies the small size of the apertures that present themselves when open, and the rear exhaust vents remain open throughout.

By comparison the chin vent, which can’t be closed, appears to offer very little air. Internally the flow is directed up to the visor which seems unnecessary when the pinlock technology works so effectively to ensure demisting. I’d like to feel some more air on my face without having to keep the visor open and risk the ingress of stinging critters. I realise however, that come the cold weather, I may think differently…

In use this is a very comfortable helmet which fits well, and as I say, seems to weigh nothing. There are two shell sizes available to aid a perfect fit; XS-M and L-XL. The hypoallergenic, climate-regulating COOLMAX lining is fully removable and washable and feels nice against the skin. It’s easy to fit glasses, or shades, as there is no drop-down inner sunshield. With the effective peak there’s really no need for a sun-shield, which would of course impact greatly on the overall weight.

That peak doesn’t appear to impact on stability and I’ve experienced nothing untoward even at higher speeds, where noise also remains minimal. But note, I am an ear-plug wearer.

This Nishua Carbon Enduro helmet demonstrates terrific attention to detail throughout, but for one place: the strap. The double-D buckle may be made of titanium, but the strap seems to be about 3 or 4 inches too long so hangs as a loop of superfluous webbing. I can’t for the life of me work out how this has happened when everything else – stitching, graphics etc – seems so perfect, and at such a good price.

Of course, you may have been looking at this helmet and thinking you’d seen it before. You may well have. And if you’d like to spend another £150 you can always buy it with a Klim logo…
Paddy Tyson
Sizes XS-XL