Re-release of ‘Obsessions die hard’, the Darien crossing story!

Sadly Ed Culberson died in 1995 but his travels on ‘Amigo’, his air-head BMW GS, are legendary. I’m delighted to discover that a new edition of his book ‘Obsessions Die hard’ is due to be released by Octane Press on 3rd May.
Ed was an American ex-serviceman who obsessed about the Pan American Highway and first tackled it and the infamous “unpassable” Darien Gap in 1985. True to legend it beat him, but ‘obsessions die hard’ as they say and in 1986 he gave it another go. He certainly wasn’t anyone gung-ho and had lived in Central America and been stationed in Panama so understood what he was getting himself into.
Finally completing the endurance event (and continued ride south) was remarkable, but it hasn’t been easy to read about as his book has been out of print for some time. You might be able to hunt around and find a second-hand copy of the Whitehorse Press edition published in 1996, but I’ve already placed my order to get hold of the latest edition from Octane Press. Full review will be here soon!