R1200GS super effective, offroad ready hugger

3-MudSlingLC-710x320If you ride a 1200 GS BMW (and let’s face it, many of you do!) you may be interested in a product from the US which is now available in Europe and exclusively distributed by Nippy Normans.

You could say it’s a glorified hugger, capable of fitting every model of 1200GS  from 2004 to 2012. Then there’s one for 2013 and 14 models.

The ‘Mudsling’ is made by MachineArt and mounts just forward of the rear tyre, protecting the shock and battery housing, including the partially exposed wiring, from whatever your rear wheel throws at them. Mounting is said to take under 10 minutes and couldn’t be simpler.2-Mudsling-LC-710x320

Made from high-impact 4mm ABS plastic, the MudSling protects from mud, rocks, gravel, dirt and water no matter where you travel as it can be used offroad, unlike any hugger, which generally ‘hugs’ the tyre, therefore easily clogging with mud. It’s 3″ wider than the stock short mudguard and works with all luggage systems EXCEPT Hepco and Becker.

Comparisons show that the MudSling is thicker, stronger AND gives more coverage than any similar product, according to the manufacturer, but does have a great finish and blends well with OE plastics. The protection is said to be so good that the factory shock guard is no longer needed.

4-MudSlingLC-710x320Includes all fool-proof fitting instructions and relevant fittings, but NOTE:The Mudsling is not recommended for use on bikes with lowered suspension. Suspension travel interference may result.

RRP is £99 for models up to 2012, then £134 for 2013 and 2014.