Renntec Versa drybag review

Renntec Versa 30L dry Bag review

The debate about soft or hard luggage becomes an irrelevance when you are talking about drybags. Because of their versatility, especially when they are small, they can be strapped on just about anywhere. Renntec’s 30l offering is even called the ‘Versa’ and I’ve been able to use one throughout this winter to test its abilities.

The waterproofing is unquestioned. The limited number of seams are ‘welded’ and the standard roll-top closure is robust enough to use as a carry handle. The plastic clips appear very strong and flexible, with none of that brittleness seen in some cheaper bags. So far so normal, but what Renntec have done to improve the versatility is add two shoulder straps that you can clip on to create a rucksack. It’s not ideal for long hikes in the mountains but is perfect for carrying your kit when you need to: on to the boat, up to your hotel room or for an afternoon’s sightseeing.

The Renntec Versa 30l bag also comes complete with a selection of narrower webbing straps which can be threaded around the bag and left in situ until you need to attach it to a pannier lid or somesuch. I didn’t use these, preferring my Rok-Straps which I like never to be without, but I see how they can be useful and of course they’d already be in place if I ever lost my own straps! This is a quality, versatile bag at a good price.

Paddy Tyson