Retro touring on Z900RS

If you don’t want to carry loads of luggage, Kawasaki Z900RS owners can now explore the retro sport’s touring potential with the latest Ventura luggage system. It’s the sort of system that can work perfectly for a week away.

The New Zealand luggage manufacturer has added L-Brackets for the new Z900RS to its already expansive fitment list, which covers 2,500+ models of brand-new and older generation motorcycles.

Combining the best features of soft and hard luggage, Ventura’s Bike Pack system is based around three components;

L-brackets, tailor-made for the make & model, attach to existing mounting points on the rear sub-frame.
A sturdy pack rack which slots into the L-brackets
A Ventura pack which slides onto the rack and is clipped securely into place.

One of the most convenient aspects of the system is that the luggage pack can then either rest on the pillion seat to keep weight central, or sit out the back when you need to carry a pillion or strap on something else.
Prices for L-Brackets vary according the model; for the Kawasaki Z900RS they retail at £125- including VAT. The pack rack is £79.99 and the 51-litre Aero Spada pack (pictured) sells for £129.99, all including VAT.

When luggage is not required, the rack can be replaced in seconds with a grab handle (£16.99)

For further details and a full list of pack options, visit Ventura in the UK.