Rev Sisters announces 2021 motorcycle film festival series

Rev Sisters launched a series of three motorcycle film festivals across the USA in 2020 and their plan is to hold all three events again this year. All the 2021 festivals will be held online so no matter where you are in the world you’ll be able to log on and watch some great new moto-films.

If you haven’t heard of them yet, Rev Sisters is a women-owned motorcycle event company founded by three Americans. Michelle Lamphere is one of them and is doubtless the most well-known to Overland readers as she has contributed articles many times and has even presented at The Overland Event. She’s a world traveller and author who now owns and runs a small motel in the Black Hills of South Dakota, but she is also the national president of the USA Division of Women’s International Motorcycle Association.

The second is Liza Miller, a lifelong rider who lives in California, is the creator and host of Motorcycles and Misfits podcast and a non-profit community motorcycle workshop called the Re-Cycle Garage. And then there’s Shana Sanderson, from New Jersey, a busy mother of three with a full-time healthcare job and a supportive husband who teaches rider safety and fuels their family’s motorcycle passion.

The three met while working as part of the administrative team of seven who created and led Women Riders World Relay. Each year Rev Sisters partners with a charity and this year’s partner is, a mobile shop class that teaches kids to solve problems through motorcycles.

Tickets are free for the first weekend of the festival and extended access to the films (for up to two weeks total) can be purchased. All attendees must register to receive digital access to the private showing of films.

The 2021 calendar of moto film festivals includes:

Santa Cruz Motorcycle Film Festival – May 14-16 – a curated collection of moto-centric films

Black Hills Motorcycle Film Festival – August 13-15 – with an extra emphasis on celebrating the novice filmmaker

South Jersey Motorcycle Film Festival – November 5-7 – celebrating women who are in front of and behind the camera

Information on events, how to register and tickets can be found at