Richa ‘Hammer’ jeans review

Richa Hammer jeans review
‘Feel Safe, Feel Good’ is Richa’s premise apparently, when it comes to the motorcycle clothing that they’ve been making since 1956. Perhaps it’s the length of time they’ve been at it, or the quality of some of their other kit that I’ve used for some time, but I chose these very basic Aramid jeans over the raft of models on the market because they are a straightforward pair of riding, casual jeans at a very competitive £89.

I’ve been looking for some grey riding jeans for ages but settled for black as it seems next to no-one is now selling grey jeans anymore. Perhaps I am weird wanting some, or heaven forbid, have fallen out of fashion. Anyway, these Richa Hammer jeans are coal black but have lighter grey stitching on all but the rear pockets, where the detailing is orange. Made from a denim cordura mix there is nothing about them that gives away the aramid lining; no odd horizontal lines above the knee or stretch panels behind.

Even without the external cues, hidden inside are the pockets for CE knee armour which I prefer not to use. What’s the point I hear you shout? Well frankly I find them cumbersome. The D30 knee armour is great for another layer of warmth, and perfect as a cushion when kneeling to work on the bike, but just annoyingly bulky all the rest of the time and detract from what is a very well-styled casual jean.

The outside front pockets are deep, whereas the rear ones are adequate for motorcycling and perfect for off-bike use.
The overall fit is good and the generous leg length is welcome when actually riding, as is the leg width. Described as ‘straight’ the material is ample to go over my ankle boots but there isn’t any spare to flap around or drum against my calf when riding. What also becomes apparent when in the saddle is that the waist cut at the rear could be a little higher to protect against any unsightly instances of ‘builder’s bum’. It’s true that my physique has changed a little with middle-age so perhaps this is contributing, but even with a belt I feel a little exposed. The belt hoops are very well positioned though and are double-layered for strength which is a nice touch.

These are a lightweight jean which remain cool and comfortable in use so I do ‘Feel safe’ and generally ‘Feel good’ but would prefer to ‘feel better’ with a little more material at the back of the waist. What I can’t complain about is the great price and subtle styling which is just perfect for everyday use off the bike, something that’s so important when travelling.

Please note, the Hammer 2 jean from Richa is now replacing stocks of the original as the ‘2’ model is now a CE approved/tested whole garment. They are another £10 – £15 though, so shop around!

RRP £89 (but as they’ve been superceded do look around for an even better deal)
Sizes available: 30 – 44″ waist and 3 leg lengths
Colours: Black, blue