Ride the world with Globebusters

If you want to ride the world but don’t want to do it on your own, there is always company available…

Next year adventure-seeking riders will have an opportunity to see the World as part of one of the longest group motorcycle expeditions ever attempted. Led by GlobeBusters’ Kevin Sanders –  who holds the record for circumnavigating the World by motorcycle in just 19½ days – Explore Our Earth will be the biggest of its kind and will be the second time Kevin has taken on such a journey, having been expedition leader for the 40,000-mile Discover Our Earth trip in 2010-2011.

Split into sections – London to Xi’an in China (the eastern end of the Silk Road), Xi’an to Bangkok, Perth to Sydney, Nairobi to Cape Town, Buenos Aires to Bogota and finally Panama to Los Angeles – the route takes in six continents, 40 countries and over 48,000 miles.  Not only does the route deliver some of the most challenging and rewarding riding the world has to offer, including the Pan American Highway and the Silk Road, it also involves riding to more than 4,500m altitude, tackling unpaved roads through Patagonia and crossing the Equator by bike.  As well as the opportunity to see sights like Zanzibar, The Terracotta Army, Uluru (Ayers Rock), Lake Titicaca, Machu Picchu and Hollywood.

Riders can choose to take on the full 40-week route, or join in for one or more of the individual sections, ranging between five to 18 weeks, with prices starting at £9995 for Panama-Los Angeles. The GlobeBusters team can organise transportation for bikes, riders and kit to and from start and end points. To register interest, receive a detailed itinerary and pricing pack, and keep up with the latest news, visit www.globebusters.com or call 0845 230 4015.