Ride the Silk Road in 8 weeks

Globebusters silk roadNext year GlobeBusters will offer adventurous riders a chance to travel the length of the epic Silk Road in just eight weeks, crossing Central Asia and China.

Notoriously difficult for independent riders to access with their own bikes, China is a country that GlobeBusters founder and expedition leader, Kevin Sanders, has gained huge experience exploring. Kevin has covered more than 20,000 miles there in recent years, many of them leading groups of adventure riders.

Leaving London in May 2014, Kevin will lead the team across western Europe to Istanbul and then continue east, following the route of ancient merchants and in the tracks of Marco Polo. En route they will sail across the land-locked Caspian Sea, traverse the ‘black sand’ Karakum deserts of Turkmenistan, cross the Yellow River and scale the Great Wall of China, finally arriving in Xi’an, the ancient Chinese terminus of the Silk Rd.  At a total distance of 9,500 miles, the expedition is scheduled to take 54 days, providing an itinerary that balances great roads and riding with time off to explore the sights and culture along this legendary route.

GlobeBusters provides pre-expedition training, bed & breakfast accommodation throughout the trip, motorcycle leaders, dedicated support vehicle & driver, local guides, navigation aides and visa support. Prices for riders start at £13,995 and there is a guaranteed departure for this expedition.

There is also an option to continue the trip south through Yunnan Province, following the ancient Tea Horse Road, and into Laos, through the Golden Triangle and along  the Road of 1,864 bends into Bangkok. This adds a month and a further 5,000 miles to the journey.  For more information visit www.globebusters.com or call 01763 245100.