S100 Chainlube – the best yet?

Germany’s no.1 selling White Chain Spray has been significantly updated to offer four times more wear protection for chains and sprockets than its previous incarnation. And apparently that’s a whopping 10 times more than the industry average.

Already a market leader in its demanding home-market, S100 White Chain Spray has undergone extensive laboratory testing at the University of Mannheim, and now combines even more long-term lubrication with almost zero fling-off. It is proven to deliver four times (400%) better wear protection for the chain and sprocket than it’s nearest rival, which is their old product, previously marketed as SDoc 100.

S100 White Chain Spray 2.0 is so effective because it resolves two conflicting properties required by chain lube; being liquid enough to penetrate the chain links, (like gear oil), yet being sufficiently sticky that it won’t be flung off by a chain that rotates at high speed, (like a wax).

The new German-engineered formula not only ensures excellent penetration of the chain and resists flinging off at speed and washing off in wet conditions, it also contains a corrosion inhibitor, to prevent rust.

Used regularly, S100 White Chain Spray 2.0 can significantly lengthen the working life of a motorcycle’s chain and sprocket, improve performance, and increase the time needed between lubrication (up to 1,000 km). Like all chain lube it’s easy to use -just spray evenly and sparingly on the inside of the chain – but the good thing is that the white colour means it’s easy to see which areas have been treated. As you should allow it to dry it’s always best to apply it in the evening at the end of your day’s ride and allow to dry for an hour.

Of course if you are riding in dusty desert conditions that’s a different story and you may well run without any lube until you are clear of it, but we are soon to test this and will let you know how we get on.

S100 White Chain Spray 2.0 is suitable for all chain types (O/X/Z) and retails at £14.99 inc VAT for a large 400ml aerosol. There’s a smaller (‘fortnight-away’) canister due.

For details on their complete motorcycle care range, visit www.motohaus.com.