Simple but effective

Simple but effective.

The Pyramid Plastics new front mudguard beak is simple but effective, a bit like the Enfield Himalayan it’s designed to fit!
The Mudguard Beak is a product Pyramid have designed specifically for the short-nosed guard of the Himalayan to give extra protection from Spray that comes up over the front of the guard onto the forks, headlight and rider, which is particularly annoying when you ride in an open-face helmet…
This latest addition to the Pyramid range is manufactured from 2.5mm ABS and fits to the front mudguard of the Himalayan using either Stick Fit Pads or Push Fit Rivets. Both options are supplied as standard with the beak.
It’s a demonstration of just how popular the Himalayan is, and what a problem the short front mudguard as, that this is the first forward-facing mudguard extension Pyramid Plastics have developed. We can’t believe it’ll be the last and thankfully word is out that they are starting to develop similar parts for other models. The lovely little Fantic Caballero should definitely be a contender for the treatment!
RRP is £22.00 for the new Front Mudguard Beak for the Himalayan and it seems like a no-brainer. See Pyramid Plastics for more info.