Sinnis Terrain 380 twin news

We’ve been talking about the new 380cc parallel twin-cylinder Sinnis Terrain since January, when we heard that it was due to be released and would be making an appearance at The Overland Event at the end of August. It’s currently being future-proofed to make sure it meets the Euro 5 emmissions rules, but the early images show what is a great looking bike.

That headlight may pay homage to an F800GS, but clearly demonstrates this is not just a 125 Terrain that’s had a bigger engine shoe-horned in. The styling follows many of the conventional ‘adventure’ cues, with angular lines and the all-important beak, but does so with some aplomb, being well proportioned.

The water-cooled engine is a stressed member which should mean a taut chassis in association with the adjustable upside down forks and the adjustable rear monoshock. We don’t have the internal dimensions of the engine yet to see if it’s a long stroke motor, but it is reportedly using a single overhead cam which may mean grunty, lower revving delivery of the 36.5bhp it produces. Perfect for travelling and perhaps also great for economy and range, as the fuel tank is a very healthy 20 litres.

It has the compulsory ABS using twin floating discs at the front though we don’t yet know if this can be switched off for use on the dirt. It may be possible, as Sinnis have included other ‘big bike’ features such as tyre pressure monitoring, an altitude meter, 2 power take offs and even low-light sensing headlight.

Seat height is a remarkably accommodating 790mm and the slightly more road biased 19″ front and 17″ rear wheel choice may add to this. We’ve not been able to measure ground clearance yet and the exhaust does appear to hang low as it sweeps under the crankcase, however these images are of a prototype.

As far as buying one new (price TBC) when it’s fully Euro compliant, it’s even going to be equipped with removable aluminium luggage as standard; ready to tour. We can’t wait to get a ride on it, but if you want to see it in the flesh the first place you’ll be able to do so will be The Overland Event 29th August to 1st September 2019.