Sinnis Terrain gets a new engine and more power

Expected in April 2021, the newest incarnation of the Sinnis Terrain 125 gets a new water-cooled engine and a power boost to almost 13hp. That still won’t set the world alight, but the 150kgs single-cylinder machine from Sinnis has really proven itself as an able overlander during the five years it has been available in the UK, so hopefully this upgrade will just build on the success. There are now 6 gears as well.

As with its predecessor, the T125 has full crash-bar protection, top box and panniers that come as standard, and linked brakes, full LED lighting and an inbuilt USB port for charging & navigation. There is also an ‘O’ ring chain, dual-cable throttle and an upgraded battery which all help to keep this bike competitive. Remember it still only retails at a little over two and a half grand and has shown itself capable of riding to Mongolia and through the Americas in standard trim, so these little improvements matter.

With a potential 66.5-litre luggage capacity, 14-litre fuel capacity and around 100mpg, the SINNIS T125 makes long-distance riding accessible to everyone, regardless of licence category. Available in only red or white, see the Sinnis website for more details and for information about the larger T380 Terrain we reviewed last year.