Some extra protection!

The Honda NC750X is lauded as a commuter, but far too often is over-looked as an overlander. It’s a bizarre situation as it’s simple, economical, reliable and comfortable, all essential travelling attributes. Perhaps for some people it doesn’t offer enough protection from the elements, but now Skidmarx have released a tall and wide screen for the latest Honda NC750X, adding to the bike’s already impressive practicality and all-round ability.

Designed and manufactured by Skidmarx in their Dorset factory, the screen measures 48 cm tall by 29cm wide, with a distinctive ‘flip’ at the top to deflect wind blast over the rider.

If however you who don’t require any extra height, they also produce a Sports Wide version, which is the same height as standard, but 29 cm wide, for additional weather protection.

Made from 3mm cast acrylic, the screens fit directly onto all existing mounting points, using the original fasteners, so no specialist tools or expertise are required.

Available in clear, light grey and dark grey tints to fit Honda NC750X (2021 on), both designs sell for £74.95. Visit Skidmarx for details.