Staying warm

Staying warm with TucanoUrbano

When temperatures drop, as they have certainly done in the UK, many of us turn to extra layers to keep the cold out, but there is a simpler solution and one that doesn’t restrict movement; heated clothing, or heated accessories.
Tucano Urbano are the kings of commuter kit, but much of what they produce is great for touring and travel too. They have just introduced a range of heated clothing and accessories that provide warmth in a matter of seconds without the faff of wires and plugging yourself in.

A collar-style warmer for the neck, the NECKWARM has a fleece inner with heating elements specifically around the neck area. Covering the chest area and shoulders too, the NECKWARM has been carefully designed to keep a rider warm even when it’s switched off, protecting the upper body from the wind and cold with its windbreaker outer fabric.

The Tucano NECKWARM is available in one size for £44.99 and includes an angled pocket to store a power bank, which isn’t included. Tucano Urbano recommend a power bank with at least 5,000mAH but even a 10,000mAh generally costs around £12 or £14 now.

If, like me, you feel a chill on the kidneys, the CINTUKAWARM might be perfect. It’s a belt worn around the waist with heating elements fitted to the rear, so as well as providing ergonomic back support with removable rigid inserts and adjustable elastic sides, it’ll keep you toastie and remove any chills.

The exterior of the belt is made with extremely tough Oxford polyamide whilst the inside is Aero 3D mesh which helps spread the heat uniformly and maximise breathability. On the front, the CINTUKAWARM is secured via an adjustable Velcro strap and there’s a pocket to store the power bank without impacting on freedom of movement. As with the NECKWARM, the belt is available in just one size and retails for £54.99.

You probably have already fitted heated grips to your bike, but for extra warmth when the going is really tough, Tucano have launched their fully CE-approved HANDWARM gloves, which heat the palm and fingers. These gloves are 100% waterproof and breathable thanks to the Hydroscud® inner membrane, and have PRIMALOFT® thermal padding so they’re warm even when the heating elements are switched off.

The outer is made with a faux suede palm, Neoprene effect technical fabric on the back with real goat leather inserts, and a soft microfibre lining inside. There’s a silicone rubber print on the palm to improve grip, as well as a long cuff for a comfortable fit and complete wrist coverage. For protection, there’s soft D3O® insert on the palm and type-approved soft protection on the knuckles too.

In the case of these HANDWARM gloves it’s important to note that the rechargeable power pack (in this case a 7.4V 2200mAh lithium battery) is included, and you’d hope so, as they retail at £169.99 and are availble in sizes XS-XXL.

Finally, if you feel a chill through your glutimus maximus, the confusingly named COOLWARM is a heated seat cover. Fitting most motorcycle seats with elastic straps without changing the look of the seat, the COOLWARM is made with high-quality, tough Oxford Polyamide with a 100% waterproof internal membrane. It has a silicone rubber print for extra grip both to the bike and your bum and is designed in Aero 3D mesh for uniform heating.

Different from the items above though, the seatcover can either be connected to a power bank or via USB to the bike direct which means you can leave it on for the duration for your ride. RRP is £54.99

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