SWM UK importer folds

It seems that the importer of SWM in the UK may have gone under, blaming the weak and fluctuating Pound and uncertainty around Brexit.
It was in the summer of 2015 that Thruxton-based HQB was appointed as the importer of SWM and it seems that although not in large numbers, there have been steady sales of the single-cylinder models, including the SWM 650 Superdual, from dealers such as Adventure Bike Shop in Suffolk.
The announcement of closure was made on Tuesday 30th October and in it the owner Richard Johnson said that negotiations were ongoing with other importers to try to ensure stocks of spare parts and warranty claims can be upheld.
There are 33 SWM dealers in the UK and the Superdual seemed to have much going for it, but throughout this year we were receiving odd responses from HQB when trying to secure some of the bikes for test ride at The Overland Event. Our only hope is that an alternative importer is found soon because we feel the Italian-designed bikes, assembled in Varese though predominently utilising Chinese components, have lots of potential.

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