The world’s smallest 12v tyre inflator


MotoArt’s Motoflator has been designed in the UK specifically for motorcyclists. The objective was to produce something as small and as light as possible, while retaining sufficient performance to pump up a bike tyre quickly. The result is the world’s smallest, lightest 12 volt inflator with an inbuilt pressure gauge, measuring just 96 x 105 x 36mm and weighing in at only 300g.

Inflating a 150/70 x 17 motorcycle tyre from completely flat to 2.5 bar/36 psi takes approximately five minutes, giving you a moment to enjoy your exotic surroundings, and the easy-to-read inbuilt analogue pressure gauge means you don’t have to faff with disconnecting the pump to check if the pressure is correct.

Other features include a durable 50cm inflation hose fitted with a no-loss screw-on connector; a cigarette lighter plug with a removable adapter for BMW-style 12 volt sockets; a 3 metre extension lead with SAE connectors; two pigtail SAE adapters, one with crocodile clips, the other with ring terminals for permanent connection to a battery; and a handy carabiner for hanging the inflator from your bike while in use. All this is contained in a durable nylon carry pouch.

The Motoflator is UKCA, CE and RoHS certified. It’s also compatible with most motorcycle CAN-BUS systems due to its low current draw of 4.2 amps, but it still delivers a maximum of 5 bar (72psi), more than enough to inflate any motorcycle tyre to its required pressure, or get a stubborn tyre to seat properly.

The Motoflator comes with a five-year warranty and is priced at £69.95 including delivery. The great news though is that you’ll save a bit on that if you collect it yourself at The Overland Event, where Motoart UK will be answering questions and letting you see it in action.
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