‘There are no Fat People in Morocco’ by Lawrence Bransby

At last – a print version of Lawrence Bransby’s work. For too long his many motorcycle travel titles have been kindle only. Sadly, the typesetting is a little haphazard, which could create a sense of the amateur, but it’s important you don’t let it…

This is the story of a Moroccan adventure undertaken over a few weeks and isn’t a long book at 163 pages, but it is a good story. Rather like the title, occasionally ambiguous lines leave you wondering if you’ve witnessed wit or something a little sinister, but what’s not in doubt is Lawrence’s ability to throw caution to the wind and take you with him on a crazy ride somewhere.

This book features Bransby’s regular travelling companion and son, Gareth, and I found myself grateful he was along for the ride. It’s hard to establish which one of them is more gung-ho, but the decisions they make lead to excellent experiences for the reader. Their ‘give it a go’ attitude sees us crossing wilderness deserts and un-used snow-covered high passes with them, while they learn to ride proper sand dunes and battle along boulder-strewn river-beds. And Lawrence’s chosen steed? A Kawasaki KLE500!

The author’s ability to write really descriptive prose is more prevalent in the reproduction of occasional diary extracts than in the bulk of the text, yet he still manages to make everything captivating.

There’s something very likeable about the characters and it obviously makes them welcome guests with other travellers they meet and are invited to spend time with; French off-road sidecar racers; Belgian 4×4 drivers…

A little rough around the edges, perhaps like the happy-go-lucky protagonists themselves, this isn’t one to be overlooked.

ISBN: 978-1521011904
Paperback 163pp £6.85
Self-published paperback ed (2017)