Tough, simple and cheap!

A simple solution to a persistent problem for two-wheeled travellers and commuters, the Wunderlich pack sacks keep kit dry no matter what the weather throws at you.
Each Bag is made from 100% waterproof, PU-coated 75d Polyester, with specially sealed double seams. The material is ultralight – so doesn’t add weight or bulk – yet is tough and built to last. So much better than bin bags!

The Wunderlich pack come in two sizes: a handy 8 litre bag, ideal for essentials like travel documents, smartphones and wallets; and a spacious 30 litre version that’s perfect for protecting bigger items, like clothing or camping gear.

Getting items in and out is easy thanks to a large main opening and a reinforced roll closure system, with side-release clips. The bags’ blue colour makes finding things inside easy too as the light can penetrate.

Alongside complete peace of mind that all your valuables, electronics and clothing will stay dry, pack sacks can also help keep everything organised, separated and easier to access – eg; clothing needn’t be disturbed at road tolls, fuel fill-ups, border crossings etc. They also eliminate the need to carry big, heavy hard cases or soggy soft luggage into tents and hotel rooms – just take the bags you need and open them in the dry.

Approximate dimensions are 30 x 40 cm for the 8 litre and 50 x 60 cm for the 30 litre bag.

Great for commuting, touring and adventure riding, the Wunderlich Waterproof Luggage Bags retail at just £6.50 for the 8 litre version and £9.50 for the 30 litre. Easiest place to find them is through