Trailquest overland training

Set in the beautiful Herefordshire countryside, Trailquest have been in the business of off-road training and overland preparation for more than 16 years. There are many off-road schools around where phenomenally talented dirt bike riders instruct on the tricks that help you when the tarmac runs out, but Trailquest seem to have one great advantage if you are actually considering preparation for a big trip – their instructors are also expedition leaders and are really well travelled.

All trainers are chosen for their teaching skills as well as their expedition experience and this means the very small group courses can be tailored exactly to the needs of clients. There are never more than 4 students on a course. They offer advice on the realities of travel in the arctic, the Sahara, high mountains and the African jungle, because they’ve all experienced it and still do, on a regular basis.

We’ll be going over to their 1,200 acre Ledbury estate in the next few weeks to see the facilities and will be able to report on the training first hand, but in the meantime it’s important to note that they use both Triumph Tigers and the plucky little Enfield Himalayan, demonstrating that the emphasis is on skills training, not heroism. Of course you can use your own machine too if you wish, or, as it seems many people seem to be doing, use the day and the varied landscape as a glorified test to see if the many reports of the Himalayan’s abilities are true!