Transcontinental scooters

Friends and film-makers Samuel Felice Rodriguez and Ambroise Prince have successfully completed their mission to ride two Peugeot Django 125cc scooters the 12,000 km [7,500 miles] from Paris, France to Hô-Chi-Minh City in Vietnam, a former French colony.


The duo were inspired to make the journey – Django Adventure 2016 – after discovering two French soldiers, Serge Gracium and Michel Vaslin, rode Peugeot S57 scooters between Saigon (now Hô-Chi-Minh City) and Paris in 1956.

Reversing the route, Samuel and Ambroise left Paris on August 29th, 2016 and rode their Peugeot Django scooters across 14 countries and through 50 cities en-route to Vietnam.

The pair rolled into Hô-Chi-Minh City – and the Vietnam International Motor Show – on October 26th, bang on schedule, and were given a heroes’ welcome by Peugeot Scooters – their arrival coincided with the brand’s official launch in Vietnam.


Elated at their arrival, they gave thanks to all who’d supported them during the trip: “We would like to tell you billions of times, thank you! It is thanks to you that we arrived up to here. It is thanks to your messages and to your support. Thanks to you all!”

They also praised their Django scooters for carrying them safely throughout; neither machine suffered any mechanical problems throughout the entire 12,000 km: “We drove on roads of all kinds, in weather conditions ranging from smothering heat to steady rain. Our faithful two-wheelers have never left us! We were impressed by their capacity in any environment, urban and off the beaten track.”

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Michel VASLIN and Serge CRACIUN pictured in 1957: