Tucano Urbano 4 Tempi Lady jacket

TU 4tempi lady jacketThe Tucano Urbano® 4 Tempi Lady jacket is described as a ‘Breathable, windproof and waterproof, four seasons, medium length women’s jacket’.
Reluctant for years to buy a ‘proper’ motorcycle jacket as they looked so stiff, uncomfortable and heavy, this jacket isn’t as ungiving and harsh as I was expecting, and it doesn’t stand up on its own when not being worn. Neither (thankfully) is it pink, as so much motorcycle gear for women can be. My initial three-hour ride from The Overland Event revealed it to be more than flexible and comfortable despite it being a close fit. It fitted me snugly which, after years of wearing ‘Men’s size small’ gear, came as a pleasant surprise. I am a smallish woman (size 10) and was puzzled that the jacket was an Italian size 46 or in UK sizing… an Extra Large, which they say is a 16! TU 4tempi lady jacket wallet pocket

Even though it’s small, I needn’t have been concerned about restrictions; my movements were not hampered in any way despite my being unaccustomed to body armour.

The D30® impact protection elbow and shoulder protectors have been developed with high standards of shock absorption for blunt impact situations under stringent test conditions. One elbow protector was broken when I took possession of the jacket. I didn’t notice this until I examined the jacket closely for this review. Designed in the UK, these inserts comply with all CE regulations. They are removable from their easily accessible casings should they not be required or if the jacket needs to be washed. Inside the outer jacket is a slot for the insertion of a back protector.

TU 4tempi lady jacket cuff reflectThe only non-black parts of the jacket, are the cleverly designed thin slivers of orange ‘Reflactive®’ reflective material which are not visible unless the collar and cuffs are turned up, thus making this Italian chic jacket not obviously an item of motorcycle apparel.

The outer is made from a waterproof, windproof yet breathable fabric called ‘Hydroscud®’. Pleasingly flexible, it is a fine, soft fabric. The Tucano Urbano brand name is discreetly displayed at the back of the jacket, on the pockets and stamped on the metal fastenings. The quality of the jacket speaks for itself and several enquiries have been made about its brand name. TU 4tempi lady jacket collar

Under the collar are two poppers for affixing the optional hood with adjustable elastic drawstring, which folds up small enough to fit into one of the many pockets. This terrific little addition means the jacket works as a waterproof when off the bike too.

The collar has a comfortable soft lining where it touches the neck. The sleeves have a Velcro wrist-tightening feature and also, very welcome inner windproof wrist cuffs to prevent cold air flowing up the sleeve.

The waist –size can be adjusted with elastic and devices that lock when the desired measurement is achieved.

There are two exterior breast pockets suitable for keys, bank-cards or small change for tolls. Larger deep square pockets on either side of the front zip, have fold-over flaps (ideal for maps), and secured by metal popper fastenings. I was caught in a heavy downpour and these, I’m pleased to say, did not leak. Inside the jacket, should the lining not be in use, are more pockets: one designed for mobile phone and passport, the other large enough for documents etc.

There is even a spacious ‘secret’ zip pocket which is situated alongside the external zip between the outer fabric and the lining – perfect for a wallet.

TU 4tempi lady jacket quilted linerThe long-sleeved quilted polyester lining has the same pockets as the outer jacket so no carrying capacity is lost if you use it as a wonderfully warm separate leisure jacket. It is perfectly smart enough to be worn as a garment on its own when the destination is reached, and if there is no need for the outer part of the jacket There are tapes and fastenings to attach the lining to the jacket which are simple to use. There were a few unsecured threads at the wrist and some careless seam-machining which needed attention with a needle and thread.

The designers really have thought of everything. A really useful thought was to make the hanging-up tabs a bright orange so they are easy to find.

I feel good in this jacket because it is unpretentious, smart and neat with everything tucked away until needed. It is smarter than the type of jacket I am used to and all those considered design features mean it can be the only jacket needed for a trip – on and off bike. I’ve now used it all over the UK, for a couple of jaunts to ‘the Continent’ and have recently spent 6 months touring Australia in it. I use my motorbike all-year-round and this 4 Tempi jacket really is able to live up to its 4 seasons claim.

I’m tired of all the baggy men’s clothing I have previously used. I really like this Tucano Urbano jacket, but beware, the female sizing is small. More details here.

Jacqui Furneaux

RRP £139 Colours : Black or Grey


XS   S    M   L   XL   2XL
Europe 38  40   42  44  46   48
UK        8    10    12  14  16   18