Tucano Urbano ‘Nano’ waterproofs

Nano jacketIt says ‘Fully Waterproof’ on the ticket attached to the Tucano Urbano over-trousers and jacket, and that, I’m happy to report, is exactly what they are!

I have been a motorcyclist for forty-one years and until now, had concluded that when it rains, no matter how much I have spent on waterproof gear, it isn’t going to keep me dry. Many riders will recognize the dismay that comes with yet another pair of ‘waterproof’ trousers letting the rain through.

When travelling in New Zealand, I bought some second-hand PVC fishermen’s over-trousers and some Wellington boots from a charity shop, so fed up was I from the constant soakings on the west coast of South Island. They kept me dry but they were so bulky I had to get rid of some treasured books to make room for them when it wasn’t raining.

The Tucano Urbano waterproofs were passed on to me by someone who was unable to fit into the men’s medium size. (Italians motorcyclists must, I think, be quite small.) I am a UK women’s size 10 and they just fit me. The first test was to ask two children to try to soak me with a power-hose. They didn’t need to be asked twice and all was well until they directed the jet down my neck. The second, was riding in the English summer!Nano jacket bag

This ‘Nano’ rainwear, made from Hydroscud® fabric, folds up so small, there is plenty of room for books in my luggage again. They pack into tiny drawstring sacs and weigh next to nothing – half the weight of my Weise ones. And at last, someone has realised that when you sit on a motorbike, your knees bend and the trousers rise up the legs, so they have made them good and long with fastenings to prevent any flapping or inadvertent catching on foot pegs. This is after you’ve closed the side-mounted zips that enable the trousers to open well up the calfs ensuring easy foot access.

Nano trousersBoth jacket and trousers have fully taped seams and also come with subtle reflective bands. The jacket has a pull-cord adjustable hem and Velcro to adjust the cuffs.

It’s taken a very long time but at last I have the ideal rain-suit. Thank you Tucano Urbano.

For men the only available colour is black, but there are ‘lady-specific’ over jackets and trousers in the Nano range which come in a variety of colours.

Jacqui Furneaux

Sizes available

Trousers XS – 3XL

Jacket S – 4XL

But please note the sizing seems to be small across the range so you may need a few sizes larger than normal.