‘Two Wheels to the Sahara- a photo diary’ by Paul Holroyd

This is the first of what promises to be a series of ‘Two wheels to…’ various parts of the world which are more easily accessible from the UK than you’d think.
Paul has produced a lovely photo diary in this. The layout is fresh and clean, the pictures are excellent and the inserted text compliments the design.

It’s an A4 sized product with nothing written on the spine so it may get lost on your book shelf, but if it had been hardback you’d proudly leave it out on the coffee table.
The cost of hardback production is generally prohibitive when self-publishing, so I hope that if the series continues he can find a publishing house with enough might to achieve this. A publisher would also assign an editor to tidy up the text a little. It is by no means a bad read and certainly isn’t riddled with typos, but there are a few errors, some of the text is a little clunky and it just doesn’t quite match the standard of the design, which is better than many professionally produced publications.
The story follows Paul and Kevin from Cumbria to the Sahara in southern Morocco on their Varadero and V-Strom. It’s budget adventuring and it should enthuse any novice traveller to just get out there, meet the people and explore the landscape.

We really look forward to seeing the next one: ‘Two wheels to the Arctic’.
Available from two-wheels-to.org   for £13.99