Updated BMW CanBUS accessory manager

The second generation of the poular HEX ezCAN Accessory Manager is now available for all BMW models with CanBUS electrics – including earlier R 1200, F, S and K-series machines.

If you love your electronic accessories the GEN II ezCAN features a number of updates over the previous model: it’s now compatible with the connectors used by Denali on their range of auxiliary driving lights, powerful horns, and secondary brake lights.

The new generation also now features three-wire dimming to control Denali or other driving lights that can accept a third (data) wire for dimming purposes. It runs 4x high power outputs (10A continuous per channel / 25A, max 20 seconds); has compact MT rather than SuperSeal connectors; and features ‘ultimate channel configuration’, so more set-ups are possible.

HEX GEN II ezCAN Accessory Manager provides four colour-coded circuits to power and control accessories, and enables the user to control those circuits without adding switches or relays to the bike as all functions are managed through the BMW’s original handlebar switches and the ‘wonder wheel’ Multi Controller.

Free downloadable MAC or Windows PC compatible HEX ezCAN software is said to allow quick and easy setup. Apparently you just connect a computer to the ezCAN via a waterproof USB to modify which devices receive high or low power and control the functionality of the auxiliary lighting and accessories.

As you’d expect, the unit is fully compatible with BMW’s CanBUS system and will not void the motorcycle’s warranty. It’s water and dust-proof, and can be easily located under the seat.

The HEX GEN II ezCAN Accessory Manager retails at £189.00 and comes with everything you need to get started. For full specifications and a comprehensive fitment list, visit www.nippynormans.com