What’s new at EICMA for overlanders?

Well EICMA is again proving to be the show that all the manufacturers are using to reveal their new models. Suzuki have updated the bigger V-Strom, now called the XT, KTM have released various model updates and the completely new 390 Adventure model and Harley Davidson really have made the Pan America a reality.

The KTM uses the same powerplant as the other 390s that have been around for a few years. It has 6 gears, runs Bosch EFI, has a slipper clutch, traction control and can apparently manage almost 250 miles on a tank of unleaded. Opinions are definitely split on the appearance of the new orange machine and KTM say it’s for touring and light off-road work, which is perhaps one reason some feel it doesn’t fit in any particular camp. I feel it’s all the better for it. The screen is adjustable, as is the seat height, but you’ll probably have made your mind up about that front end already.

When it comes to funny front ends though, the new Harley Pan America certainly sets new standards. I just don’t know what those standards are. Powered by their ‘all-new’ water-cooled Revolution® Max 1250 60 degree V-twin, it apparently makes 145hp with characteristics “that build to a surge of high-RPM power”. It’s hardly what you need in an overlander but Harley aren’t always ones to follow the herd and the proof, as ever, will be in the riding.

Model Year 21.25 Key Features Photography.
Model Year 21.25 Key Features Photography.
Model Year 21.25 DV Asset Capture Photography. Prototype features will vary. Not yet available for sale. All future models shown may not yet available in all markets.