‘Distant Suns’ by Sam Manicom


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“Take the leap. Go as far as you can. Try staying out of touch. Become a stranger in a strange land.”
(Paul Theroux)

Drama, action, passion, disaster, and the pure adrenaline buzz of overlanding are all here in Sam Manicom’s vibrant third book. ‘Distant Suns’, takes you on a 3 year voyage of discovery through Southern Africa and South America.

Sam’s richly descriptive writing opens up a world where people travel their own fragile and often unsupported paths. He has a gift to describe people and places, why they were there, and how they fit in – each new chapter begs to be read. The mix of scrapes and encounters with people along the way, illuminate the darker times like shafts of sunlight and suck you right into every scene. You are transported effortlessly to places another world away by Sam’s acute observations on everything from human behaviour to locations visited.

[quote]Sam’s descriptive can make the mouth water, or the hairs on the back of the neck crawl. Technically, it should be a book that inspires travellers – but to be honest, it works on so many other levels. There is the practical information relayed to would-be biker travellers risking time out in such far-flung, wild and exotic places. And then there’s the story of how boy meets girl, both endowed with a mile-wide streak of wanderlust, and both fiercely independent, learning to live together on the road. And saving each other’s lives on occasion …. But more than this, the book is a fascinating glimpse into people, places and ways of life that are changing and adapting to our modern world. … Few travel writers can conjure up sights and smells so provocatively as Sam. And with Birgit’s day-to-day diaries as the staple diet, he has hit upon a rich recipe for his readers.[/quote] Daily Record – Scotland

358 pages plus 12 pages of colour photos.


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