‘Into Africa’ by Sam Manicom


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Every Day An Adventure

This is the story of an enlightening, yet daunting (and sometimes downright harrowing) journey across fourteen African countries by motorcycle. Sam, a novice biker, decides to break free from the doldrums of everyday life in search of adventure, and finds it. Each chapter is filled with one great story after another.

Into Africa is upfront with adventure, mishaps, dust, heat and the thrill of overlanding. The word-pictures that bring a good travel book to life are all here; Sam’s perceptions of people, places and predicaments have real depth and texture, their associated sights, smells and sounds are evoked with a natural ease.

Whether he’s being shot at, or knocked unconscious in the Namibian desert, this eye-opening tale catapults you into Africa. He lives in a remote village, escapes a bush fire and climbs a mountain. This is a captivating book.

[quote]Excellent book. Gives a very honest account of life on the road, fear, boredom, terror, pain, love and humor, good and bad days of riding, it’s all there. I particularly liked the mention of other travelers on the road, so often not mentioned in many books. They may only be in your life for a short time but nearly always leave a lasting impression. Good reading for anyone.[/quote] Horizons Unlimited

311 pages.


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