‘It was a good plan’ by Mark Stevens


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In October of 2019, Mark and his partner Selly headed for Patagonia with huge doses of excitement, just a little naivety and zero hindsight. Waiting for them were volcanoes, glaciers, an abundance of wildlife and enduring friendships.

Also waiting were riots, breakdowns, a comical Caribbean island robbery and a not so comical fire, hurricanes and the occasional near-death experience. Oh, and the small matter of a global pandemic trapping them inside a Nicaraguan jungle-filled volcano crater, for several months.

But then a twist of fate introduced them to ‘Mocha’, an adorable stray dog who won their hearts and insisted upon commandeering Mark’s pannier. Her escape from Central America and back to England will prove just as gruelling as for her human companions.

Sometimes, when the world spins upside down, the plans just get better!

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