Oz: Around Australia on a Triumph by Geoff Hill and‎ Colin O’Carroll


Geoff Hill and Colin O’Carroll take on Australia s legendary Highway 1 on their trusty Triumph motorbikes, circumnavigating the country from Adelaide to Adelaide. At over 15,000 miles long, Highway 1 is the world s longest national highway, covering practically every major inhabited part of Australia capital cities, busy holiday resorts, dramatic coastlines, tropical forests, scrublands and deserts. Join Colin who grew up in Australia wrestling sharks, snogging kangaroos and riding dirt bikes and Geoff, who has never snogged a kangaroo, as they take on wombats, emus and a plague of giant grasshoppers in an adventure that takes them from Port Fairy a little town that used to be known as Belfast to Botany Bay, Sydney and across the wilderness of the Nullarbor desert. And follow the extraordinary story of Australia, told by a cast that includes Captain James Cook, Crocodile Dundee, countless migrants and settlers, legendary explorers Robert Burke and William Wills, the folk hero Ned Kelly, and an unreliable camper van called Matilda.

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