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£55.00 for 1 year

Thanks ever so much for your interest in Overland Magazine. Unfortunately during the current period of uncertainty we are not taking new subscriptions or permitting renewal of lapsed subscriptions. We hope that this situation will be resolved soon, but with distribution outlets closed in various countries we have had to delay the release of the next issue. Sorry we can’t take your money at this time!

A subscription to Overland magazine for customers outside the UK and EU costs just £55.

The subscription deal guarantees free delivery of the most recent issue (number 31) and the following three issues (32, 33, 34) as they are released.

Overland magazine is quarterly, so our next publication dates are: Issue 30 end February 2020, Issue 31 end May and issue 32 end of August and 33 end November 2020

When your subscription ends, you will receive a renewal invitation by email. You will NOT be automatically billed for subscription renewals.

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