‘Tortillas to Totems’ by Sam Manicom


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“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

Sam Manicom’s fourth book is a gripping rollercoaster of a two-wheeled journey which takes you riding across the dramatic landscapes of Mexico, the United States and Canada.

This enticing tale has more twists and turns than a Rocky Mountain Pass and more surprises than anyone would expect in a lifetime.

There are canyons, cowboys, idyllic beaches, bears, mountains, Californian Vineyards, gun-toting policemen with grudges, glaciers, exploding volcanoes, dodgy border crossings and some of the most stunning open roads that a traveller could ever wish to see.

[quote]It’s a great read. Although it deals with relatively few countries – Mexico, the USA and Canada – the distances involved, and the scrapes that he and his partner Birgit get themselves into mean that there’s plenty to regale us with. And on top of that, because of a genuine desire to learn more about those around him, Sam adds to it with some social commentary, and adds a huge amount of detail about his surroundings. Those who already own Sam’s earlier books will doubtless want to add to them with this, whilst those who’re new to his work will find it a fine place to start.[/quote] TBM – Trail Bike Magazine


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