Uneasy Rider by Mike Carter


Mike Carter finds himself committed to a 6-month round European adventure. A broken heart and a moment of drunken bravado inspires middle-aged, and typically rather cautious journalist Mike Carter, to take off on a life-changing motorcycle trip around Europe.

And so, having completed a six day residential motorcycle course and hastily re-mortgaging his flat, Mike sets off alone, into the unknown. He ends up travelling almost 20,000 miles and reaching the four extremes of Europe: the Arctic Circle in the north, the Mediterranean coast in the south, the Portuguese Atlantic to the west and the Iraqi border of Turkey in the east.

But really it’s a journey inwards, as, on the way, Mike finds his post-divorce scars starting to heal and attempts to discover what he, as a man in his forties who hasn’t quite found his place in the world, should be doing. Self-deprecating, poetic and utterly engaging, his is a heroic journey taken for the rest of us too scared to leave our 9 to 5 office-bound existence. A great read.

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