Enfield Himalayan in colour shock!

It’s been two years since Royal Enfield launched their Himalayan in the UK and they’ve certainly witnessed incredible sales. That’s not surprising given its impressive price and versatility, relaxed power delivery and incredible ease of use, especially off-road. You can read here what we thought when we had one on longterm test.

However, throughout those two years the plucky little Himalayan was only available in the dullest of colours: matt white, matt black and a camo grey/white combo. Those colours had good ‘natural’ names mind you – snow, granite and sleet – even if they too conjured images of dull, but all that has now changed.

Following a first showing at Motorcycle Live last year, Rock Red and Lake Blue have now been added to the colour range to provide a little sparkle, and I must say they look really good, though just in case Enfield are accused of being flamboyant, they’ve also added Gravel Grey…

The new colour variants are a little more expensive, but the ‘on the road’ price remains very competitive at £4,499 for a 411cc machine with low seat height and high abilities that’s suitable for riders with any level of experience. Yes, we’d love to see a Himalayan powered by the 650 twin engine, and that may be a reality at some time in the future, but for now the cheeky little underdog from Chennai will doubtless continue to grab even more market share from the European and Japanese manufacturers.

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