Hydraulic clutch for your BMW?

Magura clutchGerman control specialists Magura have introduced a Hymec hydraulic clutch conversion kit for BMW’s F series bikes.

Designed to replace the bike’s standard cable set-up, the kit is engineered to offer 20% lighter clutch operation, helping to reduce fatigue – essential for adventure riders, and those doing lots of urban miles – improve clutch feel and control, and eliminate ‘fade’.

It comes with a forged lever, which has improved ergonomics and span adjustment for extra comfort and control. It’s also self-adjusting, so requires significantly less set up and maintenance than the cable arrangement.

The kit is delivered ready to install and comes filled with a specially developed mineral oil – ‘Magura Blood’ – which is non-toxic and non-hygroscopic, so won’t need changing as frequently as regular brake/clutch fluid and isn’t harmful to health or the environment.

Easy to fit, and with detailed instructions included, the Magura Hymec Hydraulic Clutch Conversion Kit (part number 2100021) sells for £329.54 and can be retro-fitted to the touring BMW F800GS, F800ST, F800GT, F650GS and F700GS models.

Visit the UK importers www.venhill.co.uk for more information.