Keeping dry as autumn sweeps in

If you commute all year, are planning a trip somewhere hot but wet, or just live in Ireland, Tucano Urbano has released a brand new, full body, entirely waterproof, jacket and trouser suit this autumn, called the Set Diluvio Pro. Perfect for riders commuting or travelling frequently in unpredictable weather, this suit is designed to keep you completely dry throughout even the wettest parts of winter.

It’s constructed with Tucano Urbano’s HYDROSCUD® system which guarantees windproofing, 100% waterproofing, and yet breathability through both the inner membrane and outer coated fabrics. The Set Diluvio Pro has also been ‘rain tower tested’ according to EN 14360:2004 standard, which ensures the garment as a whole is waterproof. To enhance rain protection there are storm traps, drawstrings on the hemline of the jacket, an adjustable taped collar and sleeves, as well as reinforced seams around the inside leg and crotch area.

To stand out in any environment and really be seen through the spray, the jacket is a fluorescent yellow colour and both the trousers and jacket feature reflective strips and prints all over.

Tucano Urbano are fast becoming the kings of practical convenience and to combat the sometimes hourly fluctuating weather that we can face on a long ride, the entire suit can be folded and stowed in a small dual pouch. The pouch is easily carried due to its lightweight and minimal bulk, so riders can change style as quickly and as frequently as the weather with very little inconvenience.

It all sounds great but please note we haven’t yet tested this product to see what it’s like to get on and off over boots, or to test the claims of 100% waterproofness!

The DILUVIO PRO JACKET is available in sizes XS-4XL for £89.99, whilst the DILUVIO PRO TROUSERS are available in sizes XS-4XL with RRP £54.99.