KEIS heated bodywarmer


KEIS X20 bodywarmerLeading UK heated clothing specialists Keis have added a new bodywarmer to their range, which delivers double the output of the standard model and has a heated collar too.

Many all-season riders and overland adventurers use heated clothing because it provides controllable heat and cuts down on the number of layers required in cold conditions, but it’s not only in extreme climates that heated clothing is necessary. According to the Met Office the mean temperature for last Autumn in the UK was 8.6°C, making it the coldest since 1993. Travelling at 40 mph in 8.6°C, wind chill reduces the temperature to 3°C, which is the same as inside a fridge.

We are yet to try one of theseX20  bodywarmers, but understand that they’re made from breathable lightweight soft-shell fabric with elasticated side panels. Typical power output is 40W, heating strategically positioned micro alloy elements on the chest area, by the kidneys and in the collar. Current draw is just 3.3A, so the X20 can easily be powered from the motorcycle battery, using a Keis adjustable temperature controller. Keeping it fresh while you’re on the road, the X20 can be simply hand-washed and drip-dried overnight.KEIS bodywarmer inner

Inside the X20 is a power distribution system to supply additional garments (e.g. heated gloves or trousers) and keep cabling to a minimum, with dedicated zipped pockets for cables and controller so they are easy to find. The KEIS X20 bodywarmer is available in sizes 2XS – 3XL (38”-50” chest) and retails for £145. A free heavy duty controller (worth £29.99) is being supplied with it as an introductory offer.