Rev’It Seattle Jeans

It’s the little things that make these Rev’It Seattle jeans stand out as being special. Things like being available in half sizes, to suit those of us who are pretending we can still squeeze into a 32”, in part because a 34” waist is just too baggy. This may not seem like something worth celebrating, but if you’re buying one pair of jeans to live in and to ride in for all the time you may be on the road, it is. Protective clothing like this has to fit correctly or there’s no point having it; armour will move around if they’re too big and if they’re too tight you won’t be concentrating on the ride.

The latest range of Rev’It’s riding jeans all carry North American names. Generically called ‘kevlar’, these Seattle jeans aren’t. The knitted uber-protective shield which covers bum, hips, knees and shins is actually a PWR Shield, a fabric which is said to have ‘unsurpassed cut, tear and abrasion resistance’. The denim itself is a heavyweight weave mixed with cordura, which is much more abrasive resistant than any standard jean, but this is then further combined with a Coolmax treatment to wick away moisture and keep you cool when the temperature rises.

I can attest to just how effective this Coolmax is as the temperature regularly climbed to 38°C when I was riding in Tajikistan recently, and for a jean that is thick and wonderfully warm in cool high altitude situations, this ability to cope with both environments seems almost magical!

Maintaining this practical user-friendly theme, the pockets are really deep front and rear and inside the front ones there are small extra linings to secrete some notes, or a handy extra credit card. Perhaps the icing on the practicality cake however is the ‘comfort seat’ where the crotch seams are all relocated from ‘the norm’ to do two things: subtly (yet markedly if you ride a lot) improve overall bum comfort and ensure that well-fitting 33” waistband actually remains in place! All seams are triple stitched and to date none of them are starting to show any signs of weakness or unravelling and yes, in the interests of a thorough test I have managed to crash in them.

The ‘Seesmart’ removable knee padding is very slim and flexible. It’s CE Level 1 approved but barely noticeable in use, except when you need to kneel down to check chain tension or change oil. Then it’s a Godsend! I must also note that the pockets the padding sits within do not catch your feet when you are trying to pull these jeans on and that makes me happy. As I say, it’s the little things, like Rev’It’s appreciation of changing motorcycle fashion which means they include a small strip of 3M reflective material inside the rear of the trouser leg to suit any hipsters who may be turning up the bottom of the leg…

Perhaps more practically for the traveller, as the leg length is generous to suit riding, (3 lengths are available) if you were to turn up the jeans a little when off the bike, you’d have one more bit of protection on a walk down a dark country lane.

This kind of personal equipment seems to be improving every year, but at only £179 these must surely be some of the best yet for someone who needs to invest in just one pair of trousers for a big trip.
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Colour Blue
Available sizes:
28” – 38” waist (including 31” and 33”)
Leg 32” (short) 34” (regular) 36” (long)