New flip-front touring helmet from Caberg

The Horus-X is the new flip-front touring helmet offering from Caberg. Mid-priced, it is nonetheless a quality helmet from a manufacturer that’s been in the business since 1974, and is homologated to be used in either the open or closed position.

Based in Bergamo in northern Italy (indeed that’s where the ‘berg’ in the name comes from. The Ca is a contraction of caschi which means ‘helmets’, so literally Caberg is short for ‘Helmets from Bergamo, but I digress…) Caberg have been innovating for years and the Horus-X shows they still are.

When ‘open’ the chinguard remains incredibly close to the main helmet shell to reduce wind drag. That’s certainly useful to reduce neck strain if you are riding long distances in extreme heat and wish to leave the helmet ‘open’, but what’s really impressive in the Horus-X is the exceptionally wide visor aperture. This is such a boon for anyone travelling and is of course an important safety aid. The marketing buff says that ‘touring enthusiasts can immerse themselves completely in the panoramas and landscapes that they meet on their travels’, which is nice.

That super-wide visor comes ready equipped with a Pinlock anti-fog lense too, which I’ve come to swear by in cold and wet conditions. If the sun is out though, there’s a tinted inner drop-down visor with easy left-hand function.

The venting is achieved with totally flush mechanisms which keeps noise levels very low and in turn reduces rider fatigue.

Inside, the fabrics offer great comfort, are all breathable, removable and washable. And if you need more stimulation than that provided by simply riding a motorbike, the Horus-X is ready to accept the Caberg ‘Pro-Speak’ Bluetooth communication system, which lets you talk to your phone and/or passenger as well as listen to music and your GPS.

At just over 1600grams the Horus-X is also 200grams lighter than Shoei’s Neotec, an excellent helmet that has been setting the standard in this category for years.

Available in 4 single-colour options (£279), including the fetching matt blue for Yamaha owners, and 4 four-colour options (£319) the Horus-X is available in sizes XS, S, M, L and XL.