Vanucci – a new name in jackets

Vanucci is a brand that has sold well in mainland Europe but which is relatively new to the UK, distributed exclusively by Louis-Moto. One of their takes on a jacket for the adventure market is called the VAJ-m1, which isn’t a name free from mirth, especially considering the women’s version is the VAJ-f1.

However, what’s important is that it’s a very competitively priced modular jacket, but not in the usual manner, as each layer is an item you can wear independently.

It’s available in two colours – black or beige – and the outer layer is a well-ventilated, Teflon-treated 500D Cordura; treated to provide better protection against the dirt.

Inside there is a waterproof jacket with triple Sympatex membrane which can be worn on its own, or under any long motorcycle jacket, although it was specifically designed for the VAJ. Below that there’s the thermal jacket for cold conditions, but its Outlast membrane means it can adapt to suit the temperature. This effective garment can definitely be worn as its own everyday light jacket too, for walking around when off the bike or just sitting around the campfire as night rolls in. So in essence what you have for long distance travel, are all the upper body layers you’ll need – aside from some T-shirts perhaps…

If/when the going gets really tough there’s the massive storm collar that can be added, which is something Hein Gericke and Rukka have always been good at. We can’t wait to get our hands on an example to see what the quality is like and to see just how all 3 jackets perform!
RRP: £269