Women Riders World Relay 2019 begins!

Ladies get set… three, two, one GO!

They’re finally off! Seven months of planning, organising, rounding up and nearly 15,000 women later, the first female motorbike relay across the world has begun! The Women Riders World Relay (WRWR) kicked up side stands and zoomed out of John O’Groats, Scotland yesterday, 27th February 2019 at 09:00 GMT in what was a dry and clear, if somewhat overcast, morning’s ride down to Inverness. The ride will continue over the next 12 months via a baton passed from one steely grip to another, woman to woman.

Founder, Hayley Bell’s idea was born in the summer of last year and since then has certainly captured hearts and minds worldwide. What better way than a worldwide relay to highlight to the industry the volume and variety of women who have taken up motorcycling but who are still pretty much under-represented by the industry. In creating this event, she has inspired women to unite globally in what will be the biggest ever relay of its kind. As well as highlighting awareness of this fast-growing market, this event is inspiring women to take up the sport, knowing that they’re not alone.

For the UK run, over 200 women participants, called Guardians, will carry the hand-carved baton across the first stretch of the relay. To mark the launch in the UK, WRWR are hosting two events on International Women’s Day weekend, 9th/10th March. They have partnered with the Ace Café in London to host the official launch on the Saturday when the relay will stop by the Café where a range of female speakers from the industry are planning to speak. The next day, the relay will be travelling to Sittingbourne Speedway in Kent, where WRWR have organised a turn-up on the day off-road motorbike experience. The event can be followed on social media channels @WRWR2019. As an added bonus, you can see real-time where the baton is on the website, www.womenridersworldrelay.com. Good luck girls!

Louisa Swaden
(The Existential Biker)